We are kicking things off on Sunday, June 12th. Check back for updates. If you are interested in being a sponsor, contact us for more information.




Looking for a way to stay activated this winter? Well, look no further. Weather Permitting and City of Play have teamed up to present a Sunday, bi-weekly afternoon/evening indoor game series called the Rec Room: Winter Games.

What is the Rec Room? The Rec Room is the combined transformation of Spirit Hall into a space of play and entertainment. Come out of hibernation. Shake off the winter doldrums with some beers and a band. Make new friends, hang out with folks you haven’t seen since the summer, and arouse your friendly competitive spirit. The Winter Games will recognize your achievements with awards and badges.

The Winter Games will change each week, and will include unique parlor sports like Bally, GaGa, Molkky and Bucket Pong, plus new hybrid physical-digital games such as:

Johann Sebastian Joust

Joust with other players to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, trying to keep your fragile, glowing orb safe while eliminating competitors.


A 2+ player cooperative platformer where you find and draw the level as you play.

Mont Trottoir

Scale the highest mountain around, which happens to resemble a sidewalk.


A co-operative, physical-digital game where players work to steal blocks without getting caught in the light.

as well as the perennial Weather Permitting favorite, Stump.

Winter Games badges

Spectate, Engage, Play

***While games are intended for an older audience, parents and children can attend; work together to problem solve and bond through active, explorative, creative play.

  • Jan 24

  • Feb 7

  • Feb 21

  • March 6

  • March 20



Spirit Hall

242 51st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201




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The Story

Now in its second year, Weather Permitting is a promotional outdoor weekly concert series held at the Shadyside Nursery. Each Sunday, the nursery transforms into a vibrant event space that features bands, beer from local breweries, food trucks and a farmer’s marketplace. We also have been known to have squirt gun battles and hula-hoop fun for kids of all ages. More than just an event, this collaboration of local folks was built with the intention of supporting and promoting small businesses. With a permit that allows for expansion, this year Weather Permitting is growing and able to offer additional space for local farm stands and other vendors to promote and sell their goods on site. Last year, our events averaged 150-200 people, and our social media outreach efforts were seen weekly by at least 3,000 local Pittsburgh folks. We maintained a solid social media campaign throughout the summer and we were featured in the Pittsburgh City Paper. The Weather Permitting team also collaborated on some other events, including the first annual Pittsburgh Abides (a Lebowski fest), ensuring that the Weather Permitting name was always plastered on posters all over town. Full of gratitude for a successful first year, we promise that the 2014 season will be even better. We are currently looking for local green businesses that want to advertise with us on flyers, social media and on our website. While the event itself is the cornerstone of Weather Permitting, the intent is to provide small, local businesses with the opportunity to reach our network of attendees and supporters. If interested, please contact us at wepermitpgh@gmail.com for more information.

The Venue

Since April 2011, brothers Bill Brittain and Mike Georges have worked hard to provide the Shadyside community with quality plants, gardening supplies and landscaping services. The nursery has evolved into a multi-use green space that houses two additional small, local businesses: Shadyside Worms and BeeBoy hives & honey. Proud to play hosts to this weekly event, Bill and Mike are responsible for transforming the nursery space into an outdoor event space (and then back again) each week. On Sundays, you can find them instigating squirt gun battles and showing off their hula-hooping skills.



Since 2005, Pandemic has been exposing the citizens of Pittsburgh to the best in global sounds, including gypsy brass, cumbia, chalga, bollywood, dancehall, bhangra, Arabic hip hop, afrobeats, African hip hop and Brazilian bass. Think a hybrid of traditional folk music and contemporary dance music from around the world. His DJ sets are borderless, combining cutting edge dance music from remote regions of the world with traditional folk music reenergizing cultural identities. Pandemic has performed at just about every type of venue and party imaginable, from the Three Rivers Arts Festival and the Carnegie International, to warehouses and bowling alleys. Regardless if you know him as Pandemic, or just as Pete, he is responsible for booking bands, food trucks, social media and event promotion. On Sundays, he functions as the event’s manager/ director. You can find him handling the sound, putting out proverbial fires and milling through the crowd with his daughter on his shoulders.



Sophi personally selects (and tests) all squirt guns, bubble wands and other fun toys available to play with during events. Thanks to her, freeze pops are frequently added to the shopping cart. On Sundays, she can be found bossing Bill around, crossing things off of the to-do list on her clipboard, or dancing near the front of the stage. An avid hula hooper since the age of 4, she is ready to challenge this year’s attendees to a hooping competition.



Writer, copy-editrix, and surrogate mother to the Weather Permitting group, Stephanie is also responsible for logistics and organization. She makes sure that the bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper, lost children find their parents, and that the first aid kit has band-aids. She has been known to bring birthday cake and is always on board for end-of-the-night sparklers.On Sundays, she will greet you at the entrance, collect your admission and make sure you get IDed and wristbanded. She’s pretty good at answering questions, and she is an experienced hula-hoop competition emcee



Just call him the Chief Entrance Officer or Head of the Visitor Services Department, because Tommy Bones Werner is one of the first faces you will see when you arrive at Weather Permitting. While he’s not allowed to handle money, he is responsible for wristbands and witty banter. Capable of charming yinzers ranging from 9 months to 99 years old, Tommy is also well versed in cornhole, small talk and drinking beer. He practiced fine art of wristbanding by watching YouTube tutorials and promises to never catch your arm hair. His goal for this season is to be declared Pittsburgh’s best doorperson in the City Paper’s Best of Pittsburgh issue.

On Sundays, he can be found at the door (obviously).

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